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Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) for Medicare Members

The Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) collects member-reported health outcomes. The survey is used to measure how the care provided by Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO) affects the health outcomes of their enrollees.

The survey, administered for WellCare by SPH Analytics, is in members’ hands in April through June. It asks members 65 and older to report on the care and treatment they received from their health care providers. 

The survey includes questions that address mental and physical health; physical and social functioning; pain; energy; and quality of life. Members are surveyed one year to collect a baseline, and then surveyed again two years later to measure the change in health over time.

You CAN help improve HOS measures

Use a patient’s annual wellness visit to discuss the following:

  • Discuss balance problems, falls, difficulty walking and other risk factors for falls
    • Suggest the use of a cane or a walker
    • Check blood pressure with patient standing, sitting and reclining
    • Suggest an exercise or physical therapy program
    • Suggest a vision or hearing test
    • Perform bone density screening, especially for high risk members
  • Discuss the need for physical activity and ways to increase physical activity
    • Talk to the patient about the importance of exercise and physical activity
    • Discuss with the patient how to start, increase or maintain activity
  • Discuss bladder control and potential treatments for bladder control issues that may arise as the patient ages
    • Ask the patient if bladder control is a problem
    • If so, ask if it interferes with sleep or daily activities
    • Talk to the patient about treatment options
  • Discuss physical and mental health
    • Ask the patient about physical and mental health compared to two years ago
    • Discuss ways to improve status of both mental and physical
    • Suggest patient begin exercise programs or physical therapy if warranted
These topics can be discussed by the office or nursing staff while patients are waiting to be seen, and can be addressed by the provider during the visit.


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