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Temporary Medicaid Plan Waivers Expiring for Applicable COVID-19 Treatment and Telehealth Services on June 1, 2021

As we continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to update you on important changes for our Medicaid plans. Last year, we instituted temporary prior authorization waivers for select services to ensure critical care could be quickly delivered to our members during a time of heightened need. On June 1, 2021, these temporary waivers will expire and our members' Medicaid plan benefits will be reinstated for the following services:

COVID-19 Treatment Related Services

  • COVID-19 treatment related services (those billed with a confirmed ICD-10 diagnosis code) will continue to be eligible for coverage at this time, in accordance with the member's plan benefits.
  • Beginning June 1, 2021, prior authorization will be required for COVID-19 treatment related services, in accordance with CMS guidance and plan benefits.

Telehealth Services

Prior authorization requirements will continue to be waived for COVID-19 testing, screening services and vaccinations.

We continue to work in close partnership with state, local and federal authorities to serve and protect our members and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, including ensuring that our providers have relevant and up-to-date information. We value your partnership during these unprecedented times.

This guidance is in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and may be retired at a future date.

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Last Updated On: 6/4/2021
On April 22, 2024, UnitedHealth Group issued a press release, providing an update on the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident that occurred on Feb. 21, 2024. Given the size of the data impacted, the investigation to determine whose data is impacted is expected to take several months. UnitedHealth Group believes this situation will impact “a substantial proportion of people in America” and is offering immediate credit monitoring and identity protection services, as well as a dedicated contact center to address questions. Visit Change Healthcare Cyberattack Support and/or reach out to the contact center at 1-866-262-5342 regarding any questions.