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Low Back Pain Care Management Program (LBP Program)

The Low Back Pain Care Management Program (LBP Program) is a Wellcare-sponsored national Medicaid and Medicare telephonic (and field-based for high-acuity members) care management program for members with low back pain who have been prescribed and are over-using opioid medications and/or appear to be at risk of doing so. Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for prescribing opioids, but studies have not shown opioids to be particularly effective when treating low back pain over the long term. The LBP Program is adapted to meet regulatory requirements for respective markets serving Wellcare members.

Members identified as moderate or high stratification who meet the criteria are:

  • Enrolled in the LBP Program
  • Referred to Wellcare’s Care Management Department for additional monitoring, education and care management services.



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Last Updated On: 12/13/2020