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Electronic Claims

WellCare encourages providers to submit claims electronically via electronic data interchange (EDI) or direct data entry (DDE). Both are less costly than billing with paper and often enable quicker claims processing.

  • DDE is available to providers who are registered with WellCare's Provider Portal. Sign up today: Individual Provider | Large Group/IPA This PDF document will open in a new window.
  • RelayHealth, a division of McKesson, manages all EDI claims between WellCare and providers. If you need assistance making a connection with RelayHealth or have any questions, please contact RelayHealth directly at 1-888-499-5465, or your vendor may call 1-888-743-8735.
  • For EDI submissions, providers should follow the HIPAA transaction and code set requirements. More information can be found on the Washington Publishing Company website.
  • All Fee-For-Service (FFS) providers and vendors must send claims through a clearinghouse.
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Last Updated On: 12/13/2020