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Adult Day Care Center Retainer Payments

We realize impact the COVID-19 state of emergency is having on LTC home and community-based service waiver providers. In response, and in accordance with AHCA guidelines, we are issuing retainer payments to eligible Adult Day Care (ADC) providers serving LTC enrollees.

To be eligible, stand-alone ADCs serving Staywell's LTC enrollees must be experiencing the financial hardships below and attest to certain criteria during the state of emergency:

  • The location where services are normally rendered is closed due to COVID-19 and the provider is unable or only able to partially render services in an alternative setting; or
  • The location remains open, but they are unable to serve all enrollees at this time due to enrollees who are quarantined, hospitalized, or refusing to receive services.

To request payment, please fill out the request form, which you can find by going to the AHCA COVID-19 Medicaid Information page and scrolling down to “SMMC LTC Adult Day Care Provider Retainer Payment Request” near the bottom of the page. Completed forms should be returned to or faxed to 1-813-865-6764.

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