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Raising Healthy Kids

Parents know they must protect their children. Here are a few tips to help you protect them.

Vaccines for Your Child

Babies are born with natural protection from some diseases. But they still need vaccines. Vaccines are safe, effective and protect your child. Ask your child’s doctor about the age your child should get vaccines.

Have Your Child Checked for Exposure to Lead

Lead exposure can damage to a child’s brain. There is no safe level of lead exposure. These tests are vital for your child’s health and well-being. At least 4 million family households have children exposed to high levels of lead.

Teens and Drugs: Know the Signs

Teenagers may be involved in illicit drug use in various ways. In 2016, the 10.6% percent of children aged 12 years and older had used an illicit drug in the previous month.  Most teens believe they will not have problems that others have. Visit the Center on Addiction to learn more. And remember, talk to your child. Let them know they can always turn to you for help. You can make a difference.

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