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High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is called the "silent killer." It is "silent" because you can have it without even knowing. It is a "killer" because it damages your body.

Did you know that one in three adults has high blood pressure? And many do not know it. There are also many people who think they are controlling their blood pressure with pills, but they really do not have it under control.

Why Should You Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control?

Having high blood pressure raises your chances of getting many health problems. Some of these problems are:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney disease
  • Blindness.

What is Normal Blood Pressure?

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or lower. Many things can affect your blood pressure. But if your normal is higher than 120/80, you may have, or be heading for, high blood pressure.

How can I help keep my blood pressure normal?

  • If you smoke, quit.
  • Be active. Try to be active at least 30 minutes each day. Walking is one of the best ways to be more active.
  • Eat less salt.
  • Use less caffeine (coffee, tea, colas).
  • Eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Be at a healthy weight. Ask your doctor what you should weigh. If you need to lose weight, do so slowly and by eating right.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Take your medicine. If you already take pills for high blood pressure, make sure you do not skip any doses.
  • Talk to your doctor to learn more about your risk for high blood pressure.

Source: OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

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Last Updated On: 12/4/2020