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Medicare: American Therapy Network contract

American Therapy Administrators, Inc. (ATA) is WellCare's vendor for physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  WellCare's contract with ATA will terminate effective January 31, 2015.

Providers who are currently part of ATA's network for WellCare have been offered or will be offered direct fee-for-service agreements with WellCare.

From now until January 31, 2015, therapy services will continue to be provided by ATA. Leading up to the termination, and for a period afterwards, WellCare will closely monitor ATA's activities and interactions with the provider community and our members.

Members in an active plan of treatment at the time of termination will be able to continue to receive services for up to 6 months after the ATA termination. To obtain an authorization for dates of service on or after February 1, 2015, providers should contact WellCare. For services that will continue after the continuity of care period, WellCare should be contacted to initiate new authorizations via phone at 855-538-0454, fax at 877-709-1698, or the WellCare web portal.

If you have any additional questions about this transition, please reach out to your local Provider Relations Representative. If you do not know who your Provider Relations Representative is, you may contact one of the customer service lines listed below. Should your members have any questions, please ask them to contact WellCare member customer service using the number on the back of their card, 866-637-8041.

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Last Updated On: 12/3/2020