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At WellCare, our members are our reason for being. We continually strive to help our members lead better and healthier lives and to strengthen the communities in which they live. Our community advocacy efforts, the WellCare Community Foundation and employee volunteerism help to support this mission.

Advocacy and Community-Based Programs
Much of what affects health occurs outside of the doctor's office. WellCare's Advocacy and Community-Based Programs are specifically designed to connect community resources and help members navigate the local social support network to receive the care and services they need. A priority of our programs is to identify local, community-based solutions to fill gaps in the network of social services. The goal is to help improve health outcomes for our members and to lower the overall cost of health care.

The CommUnity Commitment is WellCare's initiative to link its members to social services such as food banks or meal delivery, housing assistance, financial assistance, transportation, education support, legal assistance and employment services.

The Advocacy and Community-Based Programs team examines the health and welfare in individual counties and uses the data to identify services and gaps in service across 42 categories. Additionally, the team can identify trends at several levels - county, region, state, multiple states and our entire operating footprint. This helps WellCare identify proactive solutions and partnerships ahead of potential health issues.

The WellCare Community Foundation
The WellCare Community Foundation was established in 2010 and is a non-profit, private foundation. Its mission is to foster and promote the health, wellbeing and quality of life for the poor, distressed and other medically underserved populations - including those who are elderly, young and indigent - and the communities in which they live.

The WellCare Community Foundation carries out this mission by supporting work that helps people live healthy, safe and productive lives, and by assisting groups with serious and neglected health needs. Underscoring this mission is the WellCare Community Foundation’s goal to serve as a national resource on health education, access and quality care.

Since 2011, the WellCare Community Foundation has distributed more than $825,000 to community support groups such as the American Diabetes Association, the American Red Cross, the National Association on Mental Illness and the Children's Home Society of Florida.

WellCare Associate Volunteer Efforts (WAVE)
WellCare developed the WellCare Associate Volunteer Efforts (WAVE) program, formerly called weCare WellCare Gives Back, in 2009 to offer employees a way to give back by getting involved in their communities. WAVE encourages volunteerism, specifically with low-income, underserved and senior populations. It also creates awareness and raises much-needed funds and supplies for organizations that offer valuable support to those in need. The guiding philosophy of WAVE is to mirror the company's mission to enhance our members' health and quality of life and to create a fulfilling environment for our associates.

WellCare's employees proudly champion deserving organizations such as Feeding America, OneBlood, Habitat for Humanity, Metropolitan Ministries and the United Way.

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Last Updated On: 12/3/2020