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23-1410 Prepare for the Opioid Care Honor Roll and Next Year’s New Sepsis Care Honor Roll

December 13, 2023

Get ready for 2024 on key patient safety metrics and learn about a new Leapfrog designation on diabetes care

Wellcare urges your hospital to take advantage of two upcoming Honor Roll programs from Cal Hospital Compare. The 2024 Opioid Care Honor Roll assessment period begins in January, while the new Sepsis Care Honor Roll is expected to launch later next year.

Prepare your Self-Assessment for the Opioid Care Honor Roll

Complete and submit your Opioid Management Hospital Self-Assessment to Cal Hospital Compare to be eligible for next year’s Opioid Care Honor Roll. The 2024 application period begins January 1, 2024, and closes on March 31, 2024. The assessment tool addresses topics including opioid discharge prescribing guidelines, medication-assisted treatment, and overdose prevention.

Visit to find the assessment tool and program details. Explore a range of resources in Cal Hospital Compare’s Opioid Resource Library, at

NEW in 2024: Expected launch of Sepsis Care Honor Roll

Cal Hospital Compare plans to launch a Sepsis Care Honor Roll in 2024. This new honor roll will recognize hospitals that have adopted practices and care that improve sepsis rates and outcomes. Your hospital should have received a hard copy of a sample self-assessment tool in a mailing earlier this year. Please contact us if you would like a digital copy.

For questions on the honor roll process and anticipated timing, contact Kim Werkmeister, senior vice president at Cal Hospital Compare’s sister organization, Cynosure Health, at As you review your sepsis care program, find guidance from Cynosure Health’s free
Sepsis Process Improvement course located on their online learning platform, at Find information on other patient safety topics by visiting the “CLIC Hub” accessed from the link above.

If you’d like updates from Cal Hospital Compare about these honor rolls, please send your request to Cal Hospital Compare's honor roll recipients are announced annually by the California Secretary of Health and Human Services. Wellcare tracks honor roll status, among other key metrics, to assess patient safety performance levels by facility.

Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)

All patient safety programs should include a focus on preventing HAIs. Wellcare is especially focused on performance for the following measures:

  • Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI)
  • Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)
  • Clostridioides difficile (C. diff)
  • Colorectal surgical site infections (SSI-colon)
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)


New Leapfrog Program to Recognize Top Performers in Caring for People with Diabetes

A new program from The Leapfrog Group will recognize high-performing hospitals in providing safe and high-quality care for patients living with diabetes. Applications are currently being accepted for hospitals that submitted to the 2023 Leapfrog Hospital Survey and are due by January 15, 2024. Hospitals that adhere to evidence-based diabetes care guidelines according to key indicators will be publicly recognized in spring 2024. Only hospitals earning the distinction will be reported; that is, hospitals that apply but do not receive the designation will not be identified. The Leapfrog Group and the American Diabetes Association will make the determinations. Find out more at

Check your Fall 2023 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade

Check your latest performance on the Hospital Safety Grade from The Leapfrog Group, at High-performing hospitals can take advantage of this consumer-friendly measure and promote your Fall 2023 achievement in your local community. Lower-performing hospitals can assess weak metrics and work to improve over the next reporting cycle. Please contact us if you would like help contacting Leapfrog to review your Safety Grade performance. To participate in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey or to learn more, visit or contact The Leapfrog Help Desk at

Wellcare is committed to supporting your efforts to achieve excellence in patient safety. For more information about Wellcare’s programs in this area, contact Program Manager Barb Wentworth, Ph.D., at


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