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'Ohana Health Plan partners with providers to develop and deliver high-quality, cost-effective health care solutions. We understand that maintaining a healthy community starts with providing care to those who need it most. We are committed to improving the quality of life of our millions of members, who often include some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.


Get detailed health plan information on important topics such as coverage procedures and policies.

Contains key phone numbers and information on claims, appeals and more.

Details the various tools available to help providers do business with 'Ohana Health Plan.

How to quickly get in touch with WellCare to get your questions answered.

Learn about all the tools our secure provider portal, such as submitting claims and authorizations, checking member eligibility and more.

Instructions for large groups and IPAs with five or more providers on how to register for the secure provider portal.


Ohana utilization management staff image
January 15, 2016

Issue I 2016 Provider Newsletter

Welcome to the first 'Ohana provider newsletter for 2016. Get balance billing guidelines, formulary updates, provider manual updates and much more.

WellCare Provider Newsletter disease management image
June 24, 2016

Issue II 2016 Newsletter

‘Ohana CPGs reference evidence-based standards to ensure that the guidelines contain the highest level of research and scientific content.

September 09, 2016

Issue III 2016 Newsletter

As an ‘Ohana provider, it’s important for you to know what our members’ rights and responsibilities are.

doctor with patient
December 27, 2016

Issue IV 2016 Newsletter

Misinformation about vaccine safety has existed since the dawn of vaccines, and its dissemination is permitted by the freedom to express opinions, no matter how incorrect.


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Last Updated On: 3/23/2016