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Electronic Claims

WellCare encourages EDI submissions as they are Free to the Provider Community, providing improved accuracy and the fastest turnaround time and enhanced claim status information.

If you are using for EDI Claims Submissions continuing using the 5-digit WellCare Payer IDs.

Claim Type Easy Choice Payer IDs
Claim Type  WellCare Payer IDs
837P - Professional Electronic Claim 80889
837I - Institutional Electronic Claim 80888
837P - Professional DME Electronic Claim  80890

If submitting electronically to Change Healthcare (formerly known as RelayHealth) continue to utilize CPIDs below.

Claim Type Client Payer ID
Claim Type  Client Payer ID
 837P - Professional Electronic Claim 1119
837I - Institutional Claim  9529

  • For EDI submissions, providers should follow the HIPAA transaction and code set requirements. More information can be found on the Washington Publishing Company website.
  • All Fee-For-Service (FFS) providers and vendors must send claims through one of the above clearinghouses.


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Last Updated On: 6/10/2019