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23-1481 Data Sharing Agreement

December 26, 2023

Action Needed: Sign This State-Mandated Data Sharing Agreement or Risk a Corrective Action Plan 

The state of California established the California Health and Human Services (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF) to oversee the electronic exchange of health and social services information in California, as required by California Assembly Bill 133. 

Phase 1 mandatory signatory provider types listed below must sign a data-sharing agreement (DSA) and begin data exchange/access by January 31, 2024. 

Go online to sign now

To sign the DSA, go to the DxF’s portal

Who must sign

Phase 1 required provider entities include:

  • General acute care hospitals.
  • Physician organizations and medical groups that exchange information.
  • Skilled nursing facilities.
  • Clinical laboratories. 
  • Acute psychiatric hospitals.

Risk of corrective action plan

The Plan may apply a corrective action plan if you do not sign the agreement. 
Provider updates 22-976, Sign Attestation by January 31, 2023, to Exchange Patient Health Information and 23-032, Sign Data Sharing Agreement to Exchange Patient Health Information, also advise providers to sign the agreement. 

Learn more

The DxF promotes and increases the electronic exchange of health and social services information between health care entities, government agencies and social service programs. To learn more, visit Centers for Data Insights and Innovation Data Exchange Framework.

Additional information

Relevant sections of the Wellcare Provider Manual will be revised to reflect the information contained in this update as applicable. The manual is available online at

If you have questions regarding the information contained in this update, contact 866-999-3945.

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