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Medicare Changes to Provider Portal Passwords and Accounts

Dear Provider, 

In an effort to improve our information security and responsibility under HIPAA, 'Ohana Health Plan is making important changes to provider portal passwords. These changes affect how you log in to the secure areas of our website and how long we maintain inactive accounts. 

Effective February 15, 2014, new passwords must be 8-12 characters long. Passwords must also include a combination of three characters from the following four types: 

* Lower case letters (a-z)
* Upper case letters (A-Z)
* Numbers (0-9)
* Special characters (e.g. ~!@#$%^&*,.?/;:'[]{}"_+-=|\) 

In addition to the above changes, going forward, provider accounts that have been inactive for 24 consecutive months will be deactivated. Additionally, providers who have termed with us will have their portal accounts deactivated after 24 months. Termed providers who rejoin 'Ohana Health Plan may register for a new account. 

Thank you,
'Ohana Health Plan

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Last Updated On: 10/5/2015