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January 09, 2017

Inspiring Women to Take Better Care

Harmony Health Plan introduces the EmPowerHer initiative. It aims to help women and girls get the health care screenings that lead to good health.

Stethoscope and a heart
December 01, 2017

Is it Sadness or Depression? (Medicaid)

Everyone feels sad from time to time. But with depression, the feeling doesn’t go away

woman weighing herself
January 25, 2018

Make the Most of Your Benefits (Medicaid)

We offer benefits designed to keep you and your family healthy. In addition to our current programs, check out some of the new benefits available at no cost to you in 2018.

Older man
December 05, 2017

Diabetes: Assess, Prevent & Control It (Medicare)

Diabetes is when your blood sugar is higher than normal. If it’s not managed well, diabetes can lead to eye problems, nerve damage or kidney disease. There’s not a cure, but you can prevent and treat it.

People with prescriptions
February 02, 2018

Schedule Your Preventive Care Visit (Medicare)

Preventive care visits, or routine checkups, are important to your health.

Doctor with a patient
October 02, 2017

We Want the Best for You (Medicare)

Quality is our priority. We want you to get the best care and the information you need to be healthy.


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