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Kentucky Authorization Lookup Tool Changes: FAQs

Why is the Auth Lookup Tool being removed?

We have moved the tool to help you get a more accurate and complete answer. The prior tool looked only at a service and did not account for other factors.

Why do I need to log in through the portal?

To properly account for the member in the transaction, we need to include detail to a unique member and we can’t do that in an unsecured environment.

How do providers register for the secure provider portal?

Visit to register.

I am a non-par provider; what do I need to do to log in?

All services from a non-par provider require an authorization. In the future, we plan to have an online option that lets providers who don’t participate with Wellcare to submit an authorization request on the portal.

What is the value to being registered?

Get instant, accurate authorization rules – and if an authorization is required, providers can then submit the request directly through the portal for a faster determination. The secure portal also features other tools that offer more convenient ways to do business with Wellcare. Providers can submit claims, view claim status, view member eligibility and look up status of authorizations, to name a few tools. The enhanced member profile lets providers view extensive member data in one comprehensive view, including eligibility status, benefits, care gaps, care plans and coordination of benefits. Providers can also submit Visit Checklists/Appointment Agendas, view reports and complete training.

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Last Updated On: 1/31/2023