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Community Connections

At WellCare, we understand much of what impacts health happens outside of the doctor’s office.

That’s why we go beyond healthcare, helping our members manage the many challenges of daily life.

Through our Community Connections program, we help connect our members to needed resources – from food and housing to transportation and childcare – all in an effort to eliminate barriers to care and pave a path toward better health and independence.

WellCare Community Connections Overview

Community Connections Help Line (CCHL)
Our national, peer-based call center provides members, caregivers, and providers support in removing social barriers by connecting them to national and local resources. Peer coaches listen to callers’ needs and refer them to existing resources across the country.

Community Engagement
We build grassroots, strategic, data-informed and value-based partnerships in our local communities to help better align across healthcare and social services.

Tools & Technology
We use an integrated social service management platform that allows for easy exchange of live information, allowing us to assess and triage based on need and risk while gauging participant satisfaction through follow-up surveys.

Data & Evaluation
We analyze community-level data to inform our decisions based on priorities, investment and innovation opportunities.   

Innovation, Integration & Development
Our innovative pilot programs focus on systemic, industry-leading solutions to help integrate social determinants of health into the healthcare system. Data generated from our programs is used to evaluate the impact in local communities to help increase access to care; improve health outcomes; reduce avoidable costs by removing social barriers; and evaluate system effectiveness leading to social innovation.

To learn more about WellCare Community Connections, call 866-775-2192 from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. in your local time zone. 

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Last Updated On: 9/13/2019