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Provider : Mailorderpharmacy

Working to Save Your Patients Time and Money
Prescribing your patients the proper medication to cure what ails them is one thing—but being confident that they're going to fill the prescription and administer it correctly is another. That's where WellCare's Mail-Order Pharmacy Service can help you rest assured. With our mail-service benefit, your patients can now have the medications they take every month mailed promptly to their home. It's easy, convenient (no more waiting in lines at the retail pharmacy) and accurate! What's best, your patients will save money! Any patient using our mail service will receive a three-month supply of medications for only two and a half monthly co-pays.
Simply call 1-866-892-9006, Monday through Friday 8 a.m.—6:30 p.m. (Eastern) to get your patients started. You can also fill out the forms listed below and fax your patients' maintenance medication prescriptions to 1-866-892-8194. Remember to prescribe the maximum days supply (93 days) plus refills for up to one year.
As a side benefit, because the Pharmacy team at WellCare's Mail-Order Pharmacy Service understands the insurance process best, they will work with your office to obtain the necessary information for your patients to receive their medications promptly.
Last modified: 05/23/2011

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