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CAHPS Survey

The Medicaid Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys will be conducted by New York State in the Fall. 

The survey asks members about their personal experiences with providers and our health plan. The quality of your interactions with your patients, our members, is reflected in the CAHPS survey results. Improving your patient’s experience during their visit can increase their satisfaction with both you and our plan. 

Topics in the survey, where providers can provide the most impact include: 

  • Getting Care Quickly: Qualifies member experiences with receiving care (when care is needed right away) and getting appointments for check-ups or routine care as soon as needed.
  • How Well Doctors Communicate: Evaluates how well doctors explain things and listen to their members, spend enough time with, and show respect for what their members have to say.
  • Shared Decision Making: Measures the member experiences with the health providers in discussing the reasons one might want and might not want to take a medicine. Coordination of Care: Evaluates member’s perception that his or her personal doctor seemed informed and up-to-date about the care they received from other doctors and health providers.
  • Health Promotion and Education: Evaluates member experiences with their health provider’s  discussion of specific things to do to prevent illnesses 

The answers member provide can help WellCare and its providers improve the services we give our members. It also helps health care providers know how they are doing.

Please do your part and continue to provide quality care to our members! Good communication between our providers and our members will help ensure that members complete the CAHPS survey with positive results. 

You Can Help
You can help us improve member satisfaction by: 

  • Ensuring  patients are seen within 15 minutes of their appointment times
  • Spending unhurried time with patients
  • Explaining medical matters in terms that the patient will easily understand
  • Involving the patient in decisions about their care and treatment
  • Providing patients with written instructions, especially for next steps
  • Understanding WellCare’s formulary so members are not delayed at the pharmacy unable to fill prescriptions

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Last Updated On: 5/26/2020