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Long-term Goals and Program Objectives

Improve the quality of maternity care

  • Assess 100% of moms for post-partum depression and anxiety after delivery
  • Provide 100% of moms with educational materials on family planning, including ease of access to long-acting reversible contraception
  • Share information about community resources with 100% of pregnant members

Improve birth outcomes

  • Decrease preterm deliveries
  • Decrease the NICU birth rate

Reduce cost of care for mothers and infants

  • Identify risk factors earlier in pregnancy
  • Address social determinants of health

Increase member engagement

  • Implement in-house model of care
  • Increase member engagement

Improve provider engagement

  • Provide education on identification and referral of pregnant members (includes closed loop referrals)
  • Strengthen current incentive programs
  • Partner with network to initiate value-based provider contracts

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