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Healthy Living Program

The Healthy Living Program

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs are required by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) for all Part D Prescription Drug Plans. The program is a no cost service offered to those who are eligible and qualify. There is no change to your insurance benefits, co-pays, prescription coverage, or available doctors or pharmacies if you enroll.

Our MTM program is called the Healthy Living Program. The Healthy Living Program is designed to help our enrolled Medication Therapy Management (MTM) members live healthier, feel better and take active control of their health. The program identifies those members who are at the greatest risk of experiencing a drug therapy problem. The Healthy Living Program provides MTM members with education and information to prevent medication therapy problems and live healthier lives.

Medicare Enrollees Who Are Eligible:

The Healthy Living Program identifies members who are at the greatest risk of experiencing a medication therapy problem. Members may qualify based on the number of medications you are taking, the number of medical conditions you are managing, and/or if you are taking a medication that may carry high risk of a complication or adverse medication reaction if not appropriately managed.

How Eligible Enrollees Are Notified:

We automatically enroll you into the MTM program if you qualify. However, participation is voluntary. The Healthy Living Program will contact you directly when you are enrolled into the program by telephone and/or mailings. Your health care provider may also notify you if they are aware of your enrollment in the program.

Medication Therapy Management: Services

Educational Materials

You will automatically receive seasonal issues of the “Healthy Living: Medication Therapy Management” newsletter. Topics covered may include nutrition and its effects on chronic conditions, the importance of taking medications correctly, coping with depression or other health conditions and more.

Health and Medication Resource Center

You have complete access to our HealthWise Knowledgebase. This website is a one-stop source of information on topics ranging from illnesses, first aid and treatment, prescription drugs, and medical tests and procedures.

Call Center

The HealthLine Hotline is available to enrolled members Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. A knowledgeable, friendly HealthLine Hotline representative can be reached via phone at 1-866-339-2787 (TTY users dial 711) or via email at

Additional Personalized Services

The following services may be conducted at your local pharmacy or over the phone:

  • Medication Tips and Coaching: a targeted outreach designed to help you stay on top of your medications.
  • Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR): a personalized consultation with a pharmacist or pharmacy staff that includes a complete safety evaluation of your medications. You’ll receive a copy of your medication list to share with your health care provider(s).

For these services, WellCare has partnered with the following:

  • University of Florida Center for Quality Medication Management (UF CQM)
  • OutcomesMTM to coordinate provision of these services through the OutcomesMTM network of pharmacies nationwide.

For More Information

  • Call the MTM HealthLine Hotline at 1-866-339-2787 (TTY users dial 711), Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.
  • Send an email to
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