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HEDIS® is a mandatory process that occurs annually. We've developed this toolkit to help identify required preventive services:

2018 HEDIS Toolkits

HEDIS® ensures health plans are offering quality preventive care and service to members. It also allows for a true comparison of the performance of health plans by consumers and employers.

2018 HEDIS At-a-Glance Key Adult Measures

This document details the importance of coordination of care.

HEDIS Guide Adult Quick Tips

Important information for Medicare providers.

2018 HEDIS At-a-Glance Key Behavioral Measures (17 Years and Younger)

At WellCare, we value everything you do to deliver quality care for our members – your patients – to make sure they have a positive health care experience. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-use, informative HEDIS® At-A-Glance Guide. It gives you the tools you need to meet, document and code HEDIS Measures.

Information concerning the mental and emotional well-being of patients.

Every year CMS or NCQA may ask your patient the following questions. How do you rate?

2018 HEDIS At-a-Glance Key Pediatric Measures

HEDIS Guide Pediatric Quick Tips

HEDIS reference guide for Pediatric care.

Preventive Health Counseling and Education for Children and Adolescents (Ages 3-17 Years)


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Last Updated On: 1/29/2018