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Claims Training

Harmony Health Plan has created the following training series to help educate providers. Please note that the Reporting, Feedback and Q&A modules must be accessed via our secure provider portal. Create an account today.

  • Webinar 1: Claims/Encounter Submission Basics
  • Webinar 2: Top 5 State Rejections and Explanations
  • Webinar 3: Top 5 State Rejection Step by Step Remediation
  • Webinar 4: Provider Education Review and Q&A

Healthcare and Family Services Resources

The HFS of Illinois website also offers the following trainings:


  • 270/271 - Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
  • 276/277 - Health Care Claim Status Request and Response
  • 835 - Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
  • Institutional - 837I
  • Professional - 837P
  • Managed Care Organizations


  • EDI Control (Packaging/Enveloping of Transmissions)
  • Edits and Rejections
  • NCPDP Provider Payor Sheets for Input Transactions
  • NCPDP Provider Payor Sheets for Response Transactions
  • Taxonomy for 837I
  • Taxonomy for 837P


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Last Updated On: 12/13/2020