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Why Choose Harmony?

Commitment to Health.

  • Harmony Health Plan is committed to the good health of each and every Plan member.
  • We not only provide members with the coverage in the event of an illness or injury, but also offer preventative care services that are designed to help them stay healthy all year long.
  • Preventive care services include immunizations, annual physicals, mammograms, Pap smears, wellness programs and much more.
  • We let each member choose his or her own personal physician from our network; this Primary Care Physician (PCP) becomes familiar with and continues to document the member's medical history, coordinates all medical care and makes referrals to specialists when needed.
  • Members always have 24-hour access to the medical care they need; plan coverage includes hospitalization, routine medical care, emergency care and much more.

Commitment to Service.

  • We believe that customer satisfaction is the true measure of a successful health plan.
  • Our member services representatives are committed to treating each and every member the same way they would want to be treated... with care, dignity, and respect.
  • When members have questions about any of their benefits, services or coverage, our member services representatives are just a phone call away (we even offer extended hours for added convenience).

Commitment to Community.

  • We participate in the development of educational and wellness programs that raise the health consciousness of individuals and families who live and work here.

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Last Updated On: 11/30/2015