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Additional Benefits

Harmony Provides Great Benefits* for Members 

  • Harmony +10 – FREE over-the-counter (OTC) supplies; members get $10 monthly for OTC items.
  • No co-pays – There are no co-pays for PCP visits
  • Healthy Kids Club – FREE program with health tips and tools for kid’s ages 4–11 to encourage immunizations and checkups
  • FREE Hypoallergenic Bedding  To help avoid asthma triggers
  • Adult Dental* – Cleanings every six months for members age 21 and older, with no co-pay
  • Adaptive Devices  Coverage for adaptive devices for ABD members who live at home
  • COBALT – Free online behavioral therapy to reduce self-destructive patterns caused by depression, anxiety, insomnia and substance use
  • Community Paramedics  Contracted with EMS to deliver health education, monitoring and services beyond traditional emergency care and transport
  • Community Room/Concierge  Support includes help with application and transportation, as well as community support needs
  • In Home DME Evaluation by PT  Assessments by licensed physical therapists
  • Meals Program – SSI, high-risk pregnant mothers, and ABD members discharged within two weeks from an inpatient facility (hospital, skilled nursing facility or inpatient rehabilitation) 10 meals for post-acute nutritional support
  • Parent Support and Training – For a Medicaid-eligible child/youth with a serious emotional disturbance 
    • Must be eligible for the Coordinated System of Care and at risk of out-of-home placement
    • Training and support to increase engagement and participation of family in the treatment planning process
  • Peer Support – Support, information, education, guidance and coaching for Members, especially for medication; help enrollees develop and lead their own service plans
  • Virtual Communities – For members and providers to discuss local events, health topics, community resources, etc.
  • Step2Success Training – Job training and financial education classes help members with educational, employment and economic advancement barriers
    • Reading Scholarships - For members in pre-kindergarten to fifth grade to improve reading skills
  • GED Test – Free GED tests for members who meet all requirements:
    • Are at least 16 years old
    • Have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma
    • Not currently enrolled in a regular high school
    • Have a valid member ID Card
    • Complete classroom work at an adult testing center
  • Welcome Home Kit – Household items to help members move from a foster home to living on their own; or from a nursing home to a private home setting
  • Vision - Free pair of approved glasses for members 21 and older   
  • Free Weight Loss Program – Qualified members get a three-month membership to a Curves gym; Includes counseling with a health coach
  • Discounted Gym - Members and family get discounted membership rates at Anytime Fitness and LA Fitness clubs
  • Healthy Rewards Program – Members who complete health, wellness and engagement milestones get a choice of debit card or gift card
  • Diaper Program   Members who complete a postpartum appointment and get baby's recommended shots get as many as six packs of diapers
  • Respite (Relief Camps) – Provides respite and places to access services
  • Cell Phone – Members with high-risk pregnancies get a free cellphone with unlimited text messages and programmed numbers for the members to contact their doctor, case manager and social worker if:
    • They are in a care management program; and
    • They do not have a telephone
  • Direct Support Training – Free online training to direct care workers through Direct Course, a division of Elsevier
  • Transitional Support Funding – For rent/utility deposits and other transition expenses for members who move from a nursing home into a private home

Additional Benefits

Reading can open many doors for your child! We want to encourage the love of reading with our Reading Scholarship program.

Discounted Gym

Get 10% off standard monthly dues to Anytime Fitness. Get 50% off a standard enrollment. Bring this flyer to an Anytime Fitness club near you for a free seven-day guest pass!

Enroll for $27 a month with $0 initiation fee. Bring this flyer to an LA Fitness club near you to join.


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Last Updated On: 9/6/2018