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'Ohana Covers Telehealth Services

As of Jan. 1, 2017 Telehealth Services are a covered plan benefit for ‘Ohana Health Plan, subject to limitations and administrative guidelines. Telehealth Services provide members with enhanced health care services and information when a face-to-face meeting is unavailable. This gives members the flexibility to interact with providers while also improving health outcomes in the state.

Telehealth methods may include, but are not limited to:
  • Real-time video conferencing.
  • Secure interactive and non-interactive web communication.
  • Secure transfer of medical records. Providers can use high-quality images and lab reports for patient care.
Non-covered services include:
  • Standard phone calls, faxes, or email (in combination or individually). 
  • Issuing a prescription based solely on an online questionnaire.
If services normally require prior authorization with in-person care, prior authorization is required to get the same care through Telehealth.

Please refer to the ‘Ohana Health Plan Provider Manual for complete information regarding Telehealth Services.
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Last Updated On: 9/15/2017