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Online Contracting for New Producers

All new agents interested in marketing WellCare Health Plans must complete an online contract.

1.  All new producers interested in marketing WellCare Health Plans, Inc. must complete an online contract via the link provided in step 6 below. To assist in completing the process successfully, please read the instructions below prior to completing the contract.

NOTE: This contract is intended for producers who are not currently contracted with WellCare. Applicants who are currently contracted with WellCare, please contact us for further assistance.

Tips for completing the contract:

  • The session will expire after 15 minutes of idle time and all entered data will void. A new contract will have to be completed.
  • The contract will not properly load on mobile devices such as a cellular phone or a tablet.
  • Please make sure to copy/paste your verification code from the contracting link to wherever requested. This will help Producers avoid errors.

2.  Upon completion of the contract through the portal, a unique WellCare University login will be emailed to the agent within 5 business days. New agents must use that login to sign in to WellCare University and complete the WellCare's online Agent Certification Training (ACT) and iCare training. Each agent is allowed up to three attempts and a score of 90% or better in order to pass the final exam and be certified.

3.  In addition, agents must complete the latest AHIP Medicare Training with a score of 90% or better. Each agent is allowed up to three attempts to complete the section. Once the training has been completed, agents are required to submit their transcripts to WellCare through the AHIP website.

4.  Once both training modules are complete and the AHIP certification transcript has been received, WellCare will conduct a background and licensure check.

5.  Agents who successfully complete all requirements and pass background and license check will receive an email from WellCare stating that they are certified to sell. That email will include the agent's WellCare Producer ID.

6. WellCare Contracting Site

7. WellCare offers producer commission rates up to the maximum fair market value. Download WellCare's 2017 Commissions Rate Calculator for your reference.


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Last Updated On: 9/9/2015