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Medicaid: Weight Watchers Program for Members

WellCare of Georgia has teamed up with Weight Watchers® to offer a weight-loss program to eligible members.

Our team of experienced Registered Nurses and Health Coaches perform coordinated health care interventions using evidence-based practice guidelines that focus on:

  • Supporting the member/physician relationship and plan of care
  • Emphasizing prevention
  • Ongoing evaluation of clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes

Our primary objective is to help improve our members’ quality of life by educating and empowering them to adopt healthier lifestyles. When they make behavioral changes, their chronic conditions can be more successfully managed. WellCare takes pride in helping people live healthier lives, and we understand it all starts with the PCP.

Georgia Medicaid provides a 6-month Weight Watchers membership at no cost to members who meet the following program requirements:

  • BMI must be greater than or equal to 25
  • Members ages 13–19 must have a BMI of 25 or greater, or be ranked in the 85th percentile for their age
  • Member must be at least 13 years of age to enroll (if under 18, must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Have transportation to and from Weight Watchers meetings
  • Complete a telephonic screening with our Care Management team (so we can assess the member’s readiness to change)
  • Have Weight Watchers baseline forms completed by a PCP 

In order to begin the program, members will need to have you complete the Weight Watchers Baseline Initial Form This PDF document will open in a new window.. It will help us track key measures such as reduction of weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. This will help us evaluate member outcomes and program effectiveness. These key measures must be from the last 12 months to be submitted as baseline. After the member completes the 6-month Weight Watchers program, we request that you also complete the Weight Watchers Baseline Outcome Form This PDF document will open in a new window. for your patient. Members who successfully decrease their BMI by 1 point will be eligible to enroll in an additional 6-month Weight Watchers program. Thus, we are asking for your help to assist our members in making these healthy lifestyle changes.

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Last Updated On: 12/3/2020