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Who Can Join Georgia Families®?

Georgia Families® is a Medicaid health plan. It is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH). DCH works with WellCare on this program. It is for kids and adults on Medicaid. How can you join Georgia Families®? You must be in one of these groups.

DFCS decides who can be in Georgia Families®. To be eligible, a person must fall into one of these groups:

  • Low-Income Families (Low-Income Medicaid) – Adults and children who meet the standards of the old AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) program
  • Transitional Medicaid – Former Low-Income Medicaid (LIM) families who are no longer eligible for LIM because their earned income exceeds the income limit
  • Pregnant Women (Right from the Start Medicaid or RSM) – Pregnant women with a family income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level who receive Medicaid through the RSM program
  • Children (Right from the Start Medicaid or RSM) – Children younger than age 19 whose family income is at or below the appropriate percentage of the federal poverty level for their age and family
  • Children (Newborn) – A child who is born to a woman who is eligible for Medicaid on the day the child is born
  • Women Eligible due to breast and cervical cancer – Women younger than age 65 who have been screened through a Title XV Center for Disease Control (CDC) screening and have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer
  • Refugees – Those individuals who have the required Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) documentation that shows they meet a status in one of these groups: refugees, asylees, Cuban parolees/Haitian entrants, Amerasians or human trafficking victims

Who Can Join Planning for Healthy Babies®?

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Last Updated On: 3/16/2017
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