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Medicaid: WellCare Contracts with eviti, Inc.

WellCare has contracted with eviti, Inc., an independent third party expert with nearly a decade of experience supporting oncology treatment decisions. 

The eviti platform enables providers to access a comprehensive knowledgebase of evidence-based cancer treatment guidelines through eviti | Connect. This tool empowers providers with advanced oncology decision support and allows for instant access to thousands of evidence-based treatment regimens. It also provides a streamlined web-based process for pre-authorization of oncology chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment plans for WellCare members. 

eviti | Connect draws on data from the U.S. government, private sector and European guidelines, as well as from reports and journal publications, including JCO, JNCI, Lancet, NEJM and JAMA. 

Additionally, providers will be able to leverage eviti | Advisor, a decision support resource that empowers oncologists with the most comprehensive, unbiased and accessible oncology treatment library for use at the point of treatment prescription. Like eviti | Connect, the Advisor product will be offered to providers at no cost.


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Last Updated On: 11/9/2017