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Protect Yourself From Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is on the rise in Florida. The good news is you can protect yourself. 

What is hepatitis A and how does it spread?

Hepatitis A is a virus. It infects the liver. It can lead to serious liver problems. It spreads through the feces of people who have the virus. If a person with the virus doesn’t wash his or her hands after going to the bathroom, the germs can spread to objects, food, drinks or drugs. When these things are shared, other people can get the virus. 

How can you protect yourself?

The hepatitis A vaccine has been part of the routine childhood immunization schedule in the United States since 1994 and is a covered vaccine for Staywell members. Talk to your health care provider or call your county health department if you have questions about the vaccine.

Handwashing can also help stop the spread. Wash your hands after you use the bathroom. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not kill the hepatitis A virus. Use soap and warm, running water. Wash for at least 20 seconds. 

WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU: prepare or work with food and before eating. 


  • use the bathroom;
  • touch public surfaces;
  • change a diaper;
  • cough, sneeze or use a tissue

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Last Updated On: 11/1/2019