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Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

WellCare is committed to diversity and inclusion, with a focus on attracting and retaining diverse, high-performing talent; creating an environment where differences are valued and everyone can bring their full selves to work; providing best practice, culturally competent care and services for our members; and removing social barriers in the diverse communities we serve to improve their health, education and economies. 

To further support WellCare’s diversity and inclusion goals, the company is focused on developing a more diverse, high performing and value-added supplier base. WellCare supports supplier diversity and is committed to promoting business opportunities for small business enterprises, including certified disability owned, LGBTQ+ owned, minority owned, veteran owned, women owned and other historically underutilized businesses.  At WellCare we are working towards 1) identifying opportunities for diverse suppliers to participate in the competitive bid process, 2) promoting the business development of diverse suppliers and 3) building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.


Become a WellCare Supplier 

WellCare welcomes all potential suppliers who can fulfill our requirements on a competitive basis.  For more information please contact

Supplier Diversity

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Last Updated On: 4/11/2019