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How Our Plans Work

You will have $0 or low in-network deductibles and $0 co-payments for all covered services within the provider network up to your plan's maximum benefit. Knowing what you have to pay ahead of time makes it easier for you to budget your dental dollars. Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage to find out if your plan offers dental coverage.

Talk with your dentist about your treatment options before getting services. You may have to pay for dental services not covered by the plan, as well as all costs above your maximum benefit. Authorization rules may apply. 
To find a participating dental provider in your area, please use our Find a Provider tool.

Dental Benefits

Our dental coverage focuses on the importance of preventive care. Taking good care of your teeth and gums begins with regular checkups and services. Many of our plans cover preventive services such as exams, X-rays and cleanings.


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