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Claims Training

WellCare has created the following training series to help educate providers. Please check back for training availability dates.

  • Webinar 1: Claims/ Encounter Submission and Resubmission Basics
  • Webinar 2: Top 5 State Rejections and Explanations
  • Webinar 3: Top 5 State Rejection Step-by-Step Remediation
  • Webinar 4: Provider Education Review and Q&A 

State Resources
The following resources can be found on the eMed NY website:  

  • NCPDP D.0 Companion Guide
  • ProDUR-ECCA D.0 Provider Manual
  • eMedNY Trading Partner Information Standard Companion Guide
  • eMedNY Transaction Information Standard Companion Guide X12
  • eMedNY Transaction Information Standard Companion Guide CAQH - CORE CG X12
  • Pended Claims Report: Specification
  • Managed Care Capitation Premium Pended and Denied Claims Report: Specification
  • 5010 Claim Balancing Example
  • 5010 Sample Files

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