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We go beyond the basics. WellCare of Nebraska is proud to provide these free benefits to our members. Please see your member handbook for additional details.

*Benefits noted with an asterisk are subject to prior authorization

My WellCare Mobile App: Provides easy access to your Member ID card, Find-a-Provider tool, Quick Care (urgent care and hospital services locator) and more

No Co-pays: $0 co-pays for all benefits except brand name drugs, DME and vision (No co-pay for visiting your primary care provider)

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit: Get $10 worth of OTC items like diapers, pain relievers and vitamins sent to you each month. Items are mailed at no cost.

Mail-order Pharmacy: Get medications shipped to your home (helps members in rural areas or who have trouble leaving their homes)

ER Diversion: Get care that can address issues before they require an emergency room visit; this could include visiting a clinic or community health center

24-Hour Behavioral Crisis Hotline: For threats or attempts of suicide, members can call the crisis line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-378-8013

COBALT: Free, confidential online behavioral therapy through the Web-based COBALT Program for members with depression, anxiety, insomnia and substance abuse

Family Support Specialists: Offers family counseling in partnership with Nebraska Family Support Network to treat the following:

  • Side effects of the member's condition
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Behavior modification/coaching

WellCare Days: Conducted in key locations and agencies across the state, these events provide convenient, in-person health education, information on plan resources and benefit assistance

Community Room/Concierge: Contact the Concierge at 1-866-775-2192 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time) for medical and non-medical needs, including:

  • Help with applications
  • Transportation assistance
  • Community support

Health Fairs: Community advocates attend and participate in health-focused events to share information, resources and education concerning a variety of health topics

Comprehensive Peer Support: Support and coaching for members, particularly when it comes to medication

TelCare Diabetic Management System: Keeps Diabetes patients connected to the health plan, providers and family through a device that works like a cell phone, measures blood-sugar levels and sends data to a nurse, provider or caregiver

Prenatal Care Management Program: Helps moms-to-be get care for a healthy pregnancy – before and after delivery

Community Baby Showers: Free community baby showers for new and expectant mothers that provides important health information for themselves and their babies, as well as successful parenting techniques (Includes gift basket and opportunity to participate in a raffle)

Breast Pump*: Electric breast pumps for moms with newborns who have delivered a baby in the past 30 days or who have delivered a NICU baby in the past 90 days

Pertussis Vaccine for Caregivers: Provides the Pertussis (“Whooping Cough”) vaccine to caregivers of pregnant members or newborns

Doula Services for Pregnant Youth*: For members who live in a group home or in home placement where there is minimal parental support with a goal of: improved birth outcomes, reduced pre-term births, and improved prenatal care

Free Cell Phone Program: Members with high-risk pregnancies or other chronic conditions who are engaged in a care management program and do not have a telephone can get a free cell phone (Includes 350 minutes for talk and unlimited texting)

Non-Medical Transportation: Free non-medical transportation to WIC appointments and educational classes (childbirth)

Healthy Rewards Program: Get a rewarded for reaching certain health goals ― the more healthy behaviors you complete, the more rewards you earn, including:

  • Reloadable, prepaid Visa® debit or a gift card
  • Free diapers
  • Discount card to buy everyday things like milk, bread, detergent and pharmacy items 

Tobacco Cessation Program*: Get support to quit smoking, including educational materials, nicotine gum/patches/lozenges and counseling 

Weight Watchers®*: Free 6-month Weight Watchers membership for qualified members ages 13 and older includes:

  • Simple ways to make healthier food choices
  • A weight loss plan based on the latest nutritional science 

To be successful, members must attend weekly Weight Watchers meetings and reach the goals given to them by their WellCare of Nebraska health coach 

Hypoallergenic Bedding*: Eligible members can get up to $100 in hypoallergenic bedding

College/Trade School Scholarship: WellCare will award ten $1000 scholarships for members (age 18 and up) who are entering collegeThis PDF document will open in a new window. 

Steps2Success Program: Helps position you for success with free services like:

  • Job training and financial education classes
  • Reading scholarships for qualified members who want to improve their reading skills (Pre-kindergarten through grade 5)
  • GED testing for members (Age 16 and older) 

Public Transportation Assistance: Provides bus passes and information on how to access public transportation for:

  • Foster care members (Ages 16-17)
  • Members with refugee status
  • ABD members 

Jump Start Program: Provides free health tips and tools to kids (ages 4-9) to encourage immunizations and check-ups including:

  • Rewards program for well-child visits
  • Cool and fun rewards for healthy habits
  • Kids newsletters about fitness and nutrition
  • Raffle to win a Bicycle (four times a year) 

Foster Care: WellCare of Nebraska’s child welfare coordinators help members in foster care get the most from their benefits with services like:

  • Help understanding basic health information
  • Doula services for pregnant teens
  • Wellness plans, including preventive care services 

College Dorm Room Items (Foster Care Children): Provides dorm room items to former foster care children who are college bound 

Swimming Lessons: Provides group swimming lessons for children (ages 6 months to 13 years)

Boy Scouts: Free Boy Scouts annual membership and subscription to Boys Life Magazine (ages 5-18) 

Girl Scouts: Free Girl Scouts annual membership, including supply fees (ages 5-18), plus free annual membership for all participating adults 

Summer Camp: Qualified members (ages 4-12) can attend one summer camp session (one week) at a Nebraska Park and Recreation Center

Zoo Passes: Qualified members can get an annual family or single membership to the zoo

WellCare of Nebraska Plan Documents

Reading can open many doors for your child! We want to encourage the love of reading with our Reading Scholarship program.


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Last Updated On: 12/13/2019